Most of the projects that it develops as an outsourcing company: it integrates with the customer's IT landscape and business processes, and sometimes manages the development team on his side. For several years, the design department has developed its own rules for outsourcing, which it still polishes.


    A few years ago, our design department was very small: the guys sat in the Sketch, locally stored the files and led the project from start to finish. The department has grown with the company. The sketch no longer covered all the needs, and was replaced by Figma. There were more and more projects, and all of them were larger than the previous ones.


    Almost every new project is a new approach to design. Some of them we continue to develop after a few years, and they also need a new design. On the one hand, it's great that we do not stand still and try to be on the same wavelength with new technologies, on the other hand, projects are overgrown with such a variety of approaches that it becomes more difficult to navigate them each time.


    Product environment experience is not relevant for outsourcing

    There are a huge number of resources in the information environment of designers, where they tell how to design layouts, assemble UI kits, design systems, typeset components and work with artifacts in general.

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  • European design is trendy, sometimes even too much. And Europe has a technical advantage - the quality and distribution of the Internet connection is usually better than in the states (and in most of the world), so a European site with a European audience can afford more - beautiful preloader, complex 3D, high resolution photos.



    And Europe is also different - each site must take into account local specifics. There is a certain cultural background and expectations in certain countries - French sites tend to use large photographs and bright palettes more often, Scandinavian sites evoke this “Ikea” feeling, etc.


    But what is European design anyway? The Bauhaus originated in Germany, but has influenced just about everything we've seen in the last century. There is a Swiss style - which did not even appear entirely in Switzerland, but has been everywhere since then.



    Let not everything is the same everywhere, but there are not so many differences. Only Japan stands out wildly. We are all human. When creating a site, it is more important for which person this site is, and not where this person comes from.


    And of course, Apple looks the same everywhere.

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